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  • the world-cultural-heritage

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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Travel Preparations

There is no Suitcase with Roles or Trolleys any more available to anyone!

A so-called Christian's person learns immediately and in the express tempo to carry his luggage kindly independently!

This will be changed at the railway stations, airfields and filling stations by the armed forces soldiers of every Christian shaped state, while all wheels or roles are removed from the luggage or are dismantled and are destroyed.

Should somebody act against the matter and refuse concerning this, while the property right or the right on freedom to travel should be asserted, the travel ban comes into force immediately and can be effective in disobedience with a 2-day term imprisonment!

You and every other will have to delay your rights, while you will get to know your duties for a change and  accept them superficially!



With every repetition-attempt or every ignorance including the offence of the commissioned soldiers or officers the duration of the "imprisonment will be doubled!"

For physically disabled persons and old people from the 80th year a strict exception is valid for every so-called Christian!

In this manner you and your equals will remember you, that "other people" have also for your benefit renounced the real life and had to again carry and endure your dirt !

My person belongs to these "other people", and that low level fits, however, to my person not at all and did not have to be long ago any more!

Of course this decision is not valid for "these other people" and already not at all for my person including escorts.


Nice Scarfs and interesting Strolls through the Cities and Towns.

It is past time to visit the war zones and to position one`s  in front of the bombed people by means of protective precautions. A Christian cannot be dissuaded from his values and convictions, while once again the children have paid the bill in the war zones!

A Christian let not intimidated by obviously planned attempted blackmails of a criminal ruler and influence or for financial reasons keep from following his conscience!

A Christian should consider in future before, with whom he enters a "deal or contract", while he exactly looks at his opponent or at the interlocutor, because always also by every arrangement on both sides responsibility for other must be borne!

A Christian should clearly realise that the risk of any arms export transaction is very high nowadays, in that the weapons can very easily fall into the wrong hands, as there are too many mentally disturbed or ill people in the world, and thus those in power. 
Also a Christian should be able to recognise that at the same time the weapons become more and more dangerous and more unpredictable and that  always the poorer or weaker states of the earth get to feel the force of arms!

Good Food and good Entertainment.


Also the menu card will have to adapt according to the true situation, while every present dish per person will be divided according to a portion per two heads for each person or tourist!


It is not allowed two portions per head anymore.

Of course this decision is valid for all people and therefore also for my person.