Operation Source of Peace

That is a Mockery: "Operation Source of Peace"!


The Turkish offensive called "Operation Source of Peace"!?

The German-language document you may find here!

Luebeck, 26. 10. 2019

Free English translation on 18 September 2021.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Regrettably, my person has to interfere in this so-called warfare with the more than questionable above-mentioned name.


How come nobody wonders why the 32 km deep security zone was not established on Turkey's side without a war and without displacements of the border residents?

What justification or follow-up justification is there to this question of a security zone that was not established in Turkey's own territory?


Commented excerpt of my person from the Internet:

"The target of the Turkish offensive, which has been ongoing since Wednesday, is the YPG, which controls a large area on the Syrian side of the border. "This is followed by a set-up claim by Erdogan: " Turkey sees it as an offshoot of the banned Kurdish Workers' Party PKK in Turkey and thus a terrorist organisation.

"A tactically clever justification follows, but why on the Syrian side, which has already caused too much suffering? : " Turkey wants to establish a so-called security zone along the border and also settle Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey there."


Does Turkey not have space in its own border area with northern Syria for this security zone and for the Syrian refugees at the border crossings?

Why did Turkey thus have to or want to free the IS fighters captured by the Kurdish Melitz YPG and already in prison? ?

What was it all about for the Turk? Was it really about a security zone or was it more about an ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by the "believing" Turk?

What else does the Turk want to get out of the situation; how much or what does he want to achieve or have?

Why has the questionable Turk, who in reality not only despises people of Kurdish descent but also Christianity, which is always noticeable to my person, distributed his compatriots in Europe and thus kept open an access to be able to visit or call on these people on the spot during his election campaigns?

Fortunately, Europe has not accepted Turkey into the European Union, but many of the Christian values have already been shaken by such a Turk!

For a long time now, it looks as if the plan of such a criminal ruler has already taken hold, because as long as he is in power, he will try to attack Christianity and divide Europe!

He needs the approval of his countrymen for his re-election, whereby he would prefer to abolish the free elections or may have already abolished them, and so he tries to "stir up" Europe through wars in the poorer countries or neighbouring countries in order to be able to demonstrate his importance and his show of power and to take advantage of the situation!

If you look at him more closely through translators of the respective national language or observe him, you will notice quite clearly that this person is able to wrap the truth in an untruth and, conversely, to turn lies into truth, which is indeed what is expected of him by his followers or by the people.

If he did not master such a strategy, he would never have been able to occupy the place where he is!

First, he takes a long way through his speeches and explains how good and how right everything Turkey is doing is and how bad all the others and especially the Europeans are.

Then he slowly comes to talk about the justification for the war, having to look into sceptically played faces. He realises that he still has to ramp up to offer something more in his speech and then comes to the point again where he can turn the lie into the truth.

At that moment, he may even press a button at the lectern and some well-placed members of the government may implement this command by jumping up and applauding, with everyone else following suit and cheering!

A spectacle that is unparalleled as an Operation Source of Peace!

This could easily be observed on TV in the last few days and those who could not evaluate Erdogan's justification for the opened war in front of his cabinet will have to "return their apprenticeship" as political scientists and psychologists!

This can't be true any more, even with you!

So Erdogan can make any claims and suddenly all Kurds of the PKK Workers' Party are to be classified as terrorists!

Then he beats to his chest or to his heart several times to make known his pure and fine intentions, trying to cover himself by others and to get even more cheers!

Quite a few Syrian or Kurdish children have been seriously injured or died as a result of the Turkish invasion of northern Syria; some have lost their parents or have been crippled, but such a president also expresses good intentions through Operation Source of Peace !

What a mockery, because Operation Source of Peace is obviously close to his heart!

For this reason, as a Christian, one sets the conditions oneself by stipulating that either a sane person comes to power in Turkey or else one teaches the Turk where his limits are by making it clear to the people through economic sanctions that it cannot go on in this way with such rulers!

Why, for example, did a small Kurdish child have to die the day after the opening of the war in Turkey, and why did such a sick creature as R. T. Erdogan have to be exalted by his people afterwards?

When he can no longer do anything and he realises that he might no longer be in demand, then he visibly starts to destroy everything around him and probably thinks about how he can stay in power and thus get hold of nuclear weapons. He will cleverly package this necessity through his legitimate reversal of the truth and clear facts. This is how he gets his approval and future prospects for expanding his questionable power potential!

It cannot be possible that many Turkish citizens live peacefully with us here in the FRG, but still support such a criminal ruler through the election campaign!

This can only be possible because these Turks, fearing for their family members left behind in Turkey, give their vote to this ruler, which means that these votes from European countries will reveal the identity of the voter.

Such a person, like the Turkish president, should be easy to see through for people in a leadership position coming from another culture, whereas the Syrian ruler Bashat al-Assad, who is also a criminal, has also been living a nice and comfortable life for years at the expense of human lives in a weakened form!

For what the Syrian can do for years, the Turk can do better for a long time!

The truth is that worldwide it is always about individual rulers who live at great expense and with great prestige and then want to go down in history if possible, no matter how many people live or have died or still live and have to die under the poverty and oppression caused by the wars!

Such stories usually have nothing to do with justice and truth for all those affected, but are usually only about the individual who wants to stay in power at all costs!! !

Now Erdogan has already managed to legitimise his invasion of northern Syria throughout Europe as well and is beginning to drag other states down to his low level by publicly criticising the FRG in particular, which he can apparently afford to do!

On the one hand, Erdogan's invasion of northern Syria has finally freed some of the IS fighters, which means that it could now actually become more difficult again to prevent IS attacks, should the IS be able to spread and distribute itself again as a result!

On the other hand, it will have to remain the case that if, for example, the IS fighters or IS fighters femal will surrender for certain reasons through "white flags", these ones should also not be mistreated or killed, because these persons should be given a correspondingly high consideration on earth for their deeds, since it can be seen quite clearly that through a form of faith, human beings can be more or less controlled by trained or intelligent persons and are thus comparatively to be assigned to or inferior to a restricted or special form of culpability!

Should someone like Mr. R. T. Erdogan want to continue to overdo it, then the appropriate service in the hereafter will be at his disposal for such a would-be go-getter, because the devil is already waiting for access!

Who actually tells us who is behind which attack and whether the Turk is not also involved in order to gain advantages from the situation?

The tactic of looking long and deep into the eyes of one's counterpart when shaking hands, especially while the film camera is running, is quite obviously a rehearsed and thus artificial measure of all Turkish government members, which is supposed to demonstrate a certain feeling of superiority but makes an inferiority of clarity and truth quite clear!

Unfortunately, life is not a wishful thinking concert and one has to be able to live with and deal with such methods.

A future worth living for all people can thus only have a chance by each person finding his or her place, whereby it would depend on finding the right place to occupy and not, as has become quite obvious, hardly any suitable leader occupying the publicly appropriate right place!

The best recipe for such a Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for example, would be an acquaintance with the Cudgel of my person!

After that Bashar al-Assad should follow and so the good news will then make the worldwide rounds!

Ursula Sabisch