The only possible common Form of Government is called Monarchy!

The common World Currency is called the Crown.


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To all those Responsible in Luebeck and to all Readers,

You and your ilk, however, have already gone too far, so don't forget that!

Instead of building a new housing estate and now also wanting to have road works carried out next to my home for weeks, months and years, you should have the toilet bowls dismantled from the houses and flats of the people of Luebeck and of the surrounding area, but with you as the people responsible in this respect, my person would find the beginning and have these measures initiated by the military personally!

That means in plain language: My person interferes in the "deadlocked" control of the people of Luebeck and changes, for example, the whereabouts of the respective citizens. 

This can be done by exchanging flats, by camping in the front gardens, also in caravans or by living in allotments and, if necessary, by becoming homeless, because the renewed residential behaviour of my neighbourhood always justifies these measures and much more!! !

Of course, the quality of life of preferably these citizens, including the citizens of the suburbs of Luebeck, will be measured or adjusted to the living conditions of very special people.

All other cities and countries will also follow in a weakened form because of the bad living conditions of others.

Of course also because you and your kind let a very special person of my family and thus of my deceased parents be more or less completely destroyed, which has long remained completely incomprehensible and unforgivable, and for this reason you get to knoyourw my person properly!

Under the guidance of my person it will be answered and will have to be answered at least in the same level, which you and your kind still partly are in controll of your own destiny!

Free English translation on 18 September 2021.